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400+ Investors have invested in CEO Neal Bawa’s projects, with $40+million equity invested

+ Active Community Members In Our Multifamily Meetup (largest in the US)

CEO Neal Bawa's projects have over 2000 units across 9 states

$150 Million value of CEO Neal Bawa's projects

Our Mission

Grocapitus Investments exists to find and present rock solid commercial real estate investments to our highly valued capital partners. In addition to producing attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors, we strive to enhance the life of every tenant, team member, and individual that comes into contact with our business.


We help people become financially free by investing in apartment buildings, student housing, and senior housing properties in high-quality markets nationwide. To accomplish this on a consistent basis, our rock star team executes our proprietary data-driven process for identifying, acquiring, managing, stabilizing, optimizing and divesting cash-flowing value-add Class B and C properties. We also build best in class new construction, multifamily, student housing, and senior housing projects.

Our Core Competencies

Find & Verify

To identify high quality properties with significant upside and a very favorable risk to reward ratio that meets our very strict standards, we employ our proprietary research-focused process for uncovering the best metros, sub-markets, neighborhoods and target properties.

Acquire & Stabilize

After uncovering an investment property that meets our stringent criteria, our Asset Managers and Principals spring into action and work hand in hand with our property team to acquire the asset. After purchase, if the property is a turnaround property team members work relentlessly to stabilize the property.

Add Value and Improve

With effective management and enhancement of the property we are able to improve occupancy rates and increase rent rates, resulting in increased property values and higher cash flow for happy investors.

3-5 Year Exit

We strive to divest the property and return capital and profits to investors in a 3-5 year time period. We take pride in communicating frequently with our investors, and provide updates on progress toward reaching the stated exit price for the property.

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How We Select Markets

1. Rent Growth

The 5 year rent growth forecast is one of our key indicators. We use a powerful proprietary method to calculate this value.

2. Employment

We look for metros and submarkets that are adding a significant number of high-paying jobs, resulting in a stable local economy.

3. Sales Trends

We continuously monitor local sales to compute cap rates and determine whether our cap rates are on target to reach our projections.

4. Supply And Demand

We monitor the supply of local units carefully to ensure it will not spike the vacancy rates and negatively impact rents.

How We Select Properties

Rent Growth Track Record

We ensure that the property’s submarket has a strong 12 month rent growth track record

Untapped Potential

Problem areas such as low performing staff, ineffective marketing, and poor curb appeal can be fixed quickly.

Local Growth Drivers

We love properties in areas experiencing local job growth drivers such as increasing corporate relocations or landmark construction

Upside Potential

Only a small percentage of properties we underwrite meet our strict buying criteria. A property must have massive value add potential for us to move forward with an offer.

How We Work With Investors


Individual (Retail) Investors

Our investors can invest as little as $50,000 in most of our syndicated projects, and can typically be accredited or non-accredited. We work closely with our investors to understand their investment needs and the suitability of our syndicated investment projects to help them meet their goals.


Institutional Investors And Funds

We are able to offer institutional investors preferred equity in most of our projects, and work closely to match up institutional investors with appropriate opportunities.


Family Offices

We encourage Family Office principals to diversify and consider value-add real estate in properties that have upside and long-term appreciation potential.


High net worth individuals

After countless discussions with high net worth individuals we understand their investing philosophy and needs. The in-depth individualized process we have created is able to help them find, purchase, and manage properties that meet their specific risk, cash flow, and time needs.

Portfolio And Track Record

Art City

Art City Center is a beautiful new construction project in Springville, UT. The iconic mid-rise secure access residential facility has 41 three bedroom apartments, 4 offices, and 57 storage units. The project was completed in April 2018 and Apartments are 100% leased, now leasing storage & offices.

Woods of Ridgmar

235-unit stabilized property acquired in Ft. Worth, TX in Dec 2016. Focus on increasing rent & rehabbing 80 of the units to a higher spec. As of 2018, completed rehabs on most units and successfully raised rents and improved tenant base. Now issuing regular distributions.

Long Cove Resort

Marina and RV park acquired in Charlotte, NC in March 2016, and turned into glamping resort. Installed 36 cabins, and finished building
wedding venue. Building conference center next. Daily rate and occupancy climbing continuously. The model works, looking to buy more resorts.

Brandon Properties

Collection of 2005-built brick Triplexes in a gated community in Hegeswich, IL. Purchased in 2013, value of portfolio is now up 30%+. The portfolio has been consistently cash flowing at over 16% annualized cash on cash, so the investor group has no plans to sell the portfolio.

The Point on Flamingo

192-unit C class apartment complex in Las Vegas purchased in May 2017. Fully transformed into a gated mixed multifamily / student housing community with 100% of units rehabbed, new gym, new leasing office. New leasing up with high velocity.

Rails on Main

322 unit new construction purpose built student housing project next to the university in Buffalo, NY. First raise of $6.2MM used to buy land, do demo and land remediation and rezoning. Project was well timed as Buffalo economy surged in 2017. Starting construction Dec 2018, for April 2020 completion.

Windsor Park

5 building, 60 unit property, purchased in 2018 as part of a 1031 exchange in an up and coming neighborhood that is very close to the Salt Lake City airport, which is undergoing a massive $3.6 Billion expansion. The plan is to rehab 50 of the 60 units during 2018 and 2019 to boost the existing cash flow distributions further.

South Lake Side

6 Building, 237 unit project in Chicago. This project is well behind schedule for turnaround. The first property manager hired was not a good fit. We are back to 85% physical occupancy and 65% economic occupancy (up from 50%). Pushing hard to get to cash flow positive.

Windward Forest

Our first property in East Atlanta, Windward Forest, is a 216 unit Class C apartment complex purchased in Sept 2018.  With plenty of opportunity to add value through renovations and pushing rents to market, our business plan in 2019 also includes new roofs and amenities for our residents. Issuing distributions.

Park Canyon

Located in Dalton GA, Park Canyon is a 151 unit stabilized Class B multifamily in the high growth corridor between Chattanooga and Atlanta. Acquired November 2018, it is a true value add from rents well under market, extremely high occupancy, units not renovated, and an unusual upside : 20 down units from a fire.. The property is issuing distributions

Chelsea Place

Located less than 2 miles from our Windward Forest property, Chelsea Place is more upscale with town house type units, beautiful foliage and rolling terrain. This 174 unit property was purchased in Dec 2018 and is undergoing rehab, with distributions expected to start Q2, 2019

San Jose Apartments

Our first project in Jacksonville FL is a 138 unit Class C (vintage 1974) in an emerging Class B area, acquired in Feb 2019. With under market rents, and no renovated units, this is a true value add. We will re-brand it, re-position it, then explore the possibilities to build 32 additional units.

Equinox on Prince

Purchased March 2019, our first property in Tucson, AZ is an older 114 unit property in a growth area with new medical centers and malls nearby. Under market rents and tired units provide true value add opportunity. We’ve boosted occupancy by over 10% and rents by over $100 per unit in our 1st five months of ownership. Preparing to issue distributions.

Many projects were purchased and operated under a separate brand that Neal was a partner and principal in.

Where We Have Properties

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Neal Bawa

Neal Bawa


About Neal

Neal Bawa brings extremely strong strategic and operational experience to his role as CEO at Grocapitus Investments. Neal sources, negotiates and acquires Commercial properties across the U.S., for 500+ investors. Current portfolio over 2000 units/beds, projected to be at 3000 in 12 months. The portfolio includes Multifamily and student housing properties in 9 U.S. states.

Neal is a nationally recognized, in demand speaker at Multifamily events, IRA events & meetups across the country. Nearly 4,000 students attend his multifamily seminar series each year and hundreds attend his Magic of Multifamily boot camps. Neal’s nationwide Meetup network (Multifamily University) has thousands of members.

He leads the company and is driving the syndication and acquisition of multifamily properties.

  • Investor Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Submarket Property Selection
  • Leasing operations & metrics
  • Technology & Infrastructure
Anna Myers

Anna Myers

Vice President

Julianne Feliza

Julianne Feliza

Operations Manager

Karen Sielski

Karen Sielski

Director, Marketing & Outreach

Jennifer Pineda

Jennifer Pineda

Marketing Manager

Justin Earl

Justin Earl

Partner, Student Housing

Rebekah Converti

Rebekah Converti

Partner, Hospitality Proj.

Bill Zahller

Bill Zahller

Partner, Multifamily

Rich Coyne

Rich Coyne

Partner, Multifamily

Gary Lee

Gary Lee

Partner, Multifamily

Krista Testani

Krista Testani

Partner, Multifamily

Vikram Brar

Vikram Brar

Partner, Multifamily

Omar Khan

Omar Khan

Partner, Multifamily

Featured Learning Opportunities


Free Webinar 
This is our POWERHOUSE multifamily training webinar containing all content, no fluff. We cover multifamily real estate investing from A to Z, based on our purchase of 1,000 units in 7 states with a value over $70 million. It is NOT your average boring sales pitch webinar. Find out what all the buzz is about.

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Location Magic Workshop

Free In Person Training (Bay Area, CA)
How to pick the BEST cities and neighborhoods in the U.S., in 90 minutes flat. Discover how you can use free data and tools to uncover the best cities and neighborhoods for investing (watch over my shoulder as I reveal my step-by-step system). Limited to 25 participants.

Free Event Registration


Announcing our first multifamily in Jacksonville FL – a 138 unit Class C (vintage 1974) in an emerging Class B area, acquired in February 2019.

With under market rents, and no units renovated by previous owner, this is a true value add. We will re-brand and re-position the property, and then explore the additional upside to build 32 more units.


FEATURED Podcast Interviews

Listen to Neal’s most recent podcast guest appearance:

Neal Bawa – From Tech Exit to $150M Portfolio

by Neal Bawa | Lifetime Cashflow

Just heard your podcast w/ Rod Khleif. Just wanted to reach out and tell you that I loved the podcast. I used to run a currency focused investment fund and as soon as I heard you say “backtesting” my ears perked up. That’s all we used to do is backtest trading algorithms. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that it was a very cool podcast.
Mike Pugliese
Hi Neal,
I just listened to you on Rod Khleif’s podcast. I really loved how you have metrics for everything, I’m a numbers geek myself and your criteria really resonated with me.
Jens Nielsen

Multifamily Market Trends

Positioning Yourself as a Multifamily Leader, With or Without a Track Record

How To Create Over $2 Million In Investor Equity With Apartment Communities


“....It’s been a pleasure learning from you Neal. Despite reading books, listening to podcasts, and even taking other online courses, I didn’t really think I had the granular knowledge necessary to take the first step. It was all just an idea - an empty desire - to invest in real estate. As I work through your specific 30 day action plan and revisit the recorded sessions, I now have the confidence to make a move. Thank you.”

— David Gerber

“ Always well worth the time to come to any of the BAMF meetings. The wealth of information Neal packs into his meetups is astounding. Come early to get a seat.”

— Bon on Feb 27, 2017.

“ I was simply blown away by my first time attending a BAMF meetup. Neal Bawa’s presentation was phenomenal. It was packed full of relevant, tangible, and actionable information. This group’s culture of open sharing and abundance mindset is nothing short of admirable. I will be attending future meetups as often as possible. ”

— Ryan Fong on Feb 26, 2017.

“ Super Meetup event. Neal is an expert in real estate and rentals. He is the best teacher I have met in the last 3 decades and he is willing to share his knowledge to all attendees, including some potential competitors down the road. Thank you, Neal. ”

— Eugene Sussli on Apr 10, 2017.

“ This was an excellent, hands-on working session that went deeper than almost any Meetup training one could expect. Neal is clearly an expert in both real estate investing and efficiency. There is so much he could automate or outsource, it makes it possible to scale up faster with less cost and risk. Great session! ”

— Ryder Meehan on Apr 10, 2017

“ As an investor new to multifamily real estate, I was thoroughly impressed with how much I learned from the meetings and webinars. Neal is a tremendous speaker with a wealth of knowledge and insight into the multifamily market. Well worth your time! ”

— George Liu on Jan 27, 2016.

" Neal, I've had tremendous response from your presentation. You are absolutely one of the most fascinating and powerful forces in the space right now Neal. A true gentleman, professional, and magician of words and ideas. And what I love is that there is no sales pitch, only knowledge-based education which leads to lucrative results. I'm truly humbled to see your process in action. Thank you for being abundant. "

— Steven Bond, Organizer, Utah IREI Summit & CEO, Fourplex Investment Group

"I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all your insights. I feel like a young padawan learner in this real estate syndication game. You have given my wife and I the perfect roadmap for us to generate the treasure map of the United States and to make data driven decisions so we can remove the emotions out of our choices in markets we are looking to invest in.

I feel like I have had a light saber with my software developer/data science background and you just taught me how to use the force. I really look forward to learning so much more from you."

— Philip Grossmann

“Neal your presentation yesterday was fantastic! I love learning how to take the guesswork out of neighborhood scouting”
— Jarrin Benson
“Thank you for your workshop and information. It was one of the best at Expo. I am looking forward to learning more from you.”
— Sisee Adams
“Meeting you was a highlight of Expo. The way you apply demographics to your investment selection is prudent, wise and quite honestly not understood by most.”
— Erez Toker
“Hey Neal, I enjoyed your presentation the most on Friday. Thanks so much for sharing all that great info. I really appreciate it.”
— Brian Richmon
“Great presentation! Amazing content. Thank you. Also listened to you on Tamar Mars podcast! Such great content.”
— Creighton Bertrand
“Neal, your speech was fantastic. It was the best I've seen thus far. Thank you. We're working on multifamily syndications in California and I can't tell you how valuable that was.”
— Andy McMullen
“Hey Neal, Thank you for your presentation! I appreciate your time and experience. I found what you have to say fascinating - and eye opening.”
— David Warren


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